Using New Material to Solve Urban Sewerage System

It is known that traditionally urban sewerage system usually use concrete, PE, or glass fiber reinforced plastics. But all these materials have shortcomings of low rigidity, poor connection, easy leakiness, easy collapse and so on. We can’t rely on these three traditional materials to solve the urban sewerage problem.

A company has studied and analyzed for three years and introduced the most advanced PP winding pipe and auxiliary products to domestic market, which fills up domestic blank.

PP winding pipe is a kind of plastic pipe who has the merits of light weight, high rigidity, high flexibility, anti-corrosion and low temperature resistance. These merits perfectly make up the shortcomings of traditional three materials. And can be widely used in urban sewerage and industry water transportation.

Life span and anti-corrosion are the most outstanding merits. Daily life dirty water and industry drainage water are usually corrosive. PP pipe’s anti-corrosion ability is far more good than metal or concrete pipes.

Large caliber PP can also be applied to power station, chemical plant and other areas.