The importance of Styrofoam compactor


Styrofoam is a good packaging material in many applications, it is often used for food containers to preserve the food, and some valuable electronic products to reduce the damage. Most sytrofoam packages are used only for once,for example it ofen seen that seafood containers are just used one-time in America.



Styrofoam cannot be biodegradable. It will stay there for hundred years after be thrown away. It's necessary to reycle styrofoam.


When it comes to styfoam reycling.There is a problem need to be solved.Styrofoam is inconvenient and unfavorable for economic transportation because the weight of this material is light. Styrofoam is made of air up to 98%.



Styrofoam compactor is the best tool to reduce the volume of Styrofoam by compacting. The scrap foam pieces are placed into a compactor, styrofoam compactor will compress and press the foam piece, squeezing out the excess air. EPS compactor can achieve volume reduction of up to 50 to 1 its original volume. After compacting, the compressed styrofoam logs can be sold or made into other useful product, like frame products.