The United States is the Largest Consumer of EPS in the World

EPS foam is a kind of thermoplastic material,Each cubic meter volume contains 300-600 million independent sealed air bubble, containing air volume is over 98%, because thermal conductivity of the air is very small, and is closed in the foam and can not flow, so EPS is a very good insulation performance material.

All along, polystyrene foam has been considered to be more complex than other waste materials in the process that from recycling to two processes, but has no effect on the United States to the EPS compactor work in an orderly way.

The United States is the world's largest consumer of EPS, through the United States 41 EPS manufacturers and independent recycling business statistics show:

In 2013, the United States recycled more than 127300 thousand pounds of EPS material
72800 thousand pounds EPS after consumption, is from the family waste such as cups, plates, food packaging boxes, etc.

54500 thousand pounds industrial EPS, is from the construction industry and manufacturing industry
34% of the high utilization rate of styrofoam recycling machine  can not only make the EPS standout in all kinds of plastics, but also make 34.5% of municipal solid waste recycling rate are neck and neck.

According to the latest report from Freedonia group , the need of the foam will rise at 4.1% of the annual growth rate, to 2017 ,it will rise to 86 million pounds and is worth up to $247 billion. Expected to 2017, the packaging will remain the main export of plastic foam, accounting for the total demand is about 1/3.

New housing projects increased, consumer spending rose will promote the application of foam in household products, such as bedding, furniture, and appliances. In the automotive market, the increase in vehicle production and the improvement of safety and comfort requirements will also promote the demand for foam plastics.

Because of its excellent protection, thermal insulation, moisture resistance and low cost, the foam plastic is 2/5 of the total demand, to 2017, the market share is still relatively large. However, on the whole packaging field, the use of disposable foam plastic products caused solid waste disposal problems will control the demand for foam plastic , paper materials will also cause a certain impact on the competition.

EPS foam packaging industry development has a great prospect, can be made into many products of transport packaging, with its light weight, earthquake resistance, moisture, corrosion resistance and other advantages ,the majority of customers are welcome the styrofoam packaging.