The Price of EPS Is Influenced by the Oil Price Fluctuation

It is widely known that recently the fluctuation of the International oil price has caused great impact on the plastic industry. And different plastic materials in different areas are in different marketing situation. The PE in the European market are sold at higher price, while the PET in Asia has fallen in price.

Now the EPS price also has a certain alteration due to the oil price.

EPS raw material

The inventories rose of America’s crude oil has exceeded what the analysts expected, and the crude oil inventories in the Cushing area has grown substantially, while the oil price in the International market are declining again. Following are the latest figures of yesterday.

oil price fluctuation

The price of WTI has fallen to 80.52 $ per barrel with the reduction of 1.97 $ per barrel; Brent fell 1.51 $ per barrel to the low point of 84.71 $ per barrel.

In a short term, the EPS price are predicated to fluctuate in a narrow scope, which has and will continue to have an influence on a series EPS-related industries, no matter EPS producing or EPS recycling, and the EPS-related traders should wait for the guidelines of the latest news.

EPS-related industries

It’s easy to understand why the EPS producing industry would get impacted. As for EPS recycling, the raw material of which is waste EPS, is also operating with a tight connection of the price of new EPS materials. To a certain degree, the fall of the EPS price is a good thing to the EPS recycling traders, because they can buy waste EPS with much lower prices.

In face of the large volume of waste EPS, the EPS recycling traders would care more about how to dealing with them effectively, in which case, EPS Compactors or EPS Densifiers are good options for them. GreenMax, the manufacturer and seller of qualified EPS recycling machines, can provide machines with different sizes and models.

EPS recycling

As for the EPS producers, statistics show that after a slight pushing up, the offers made by the EPS producers maintain stable and the price volatility is limited within a certain scope. However, as the lack of business confidence, these traders are in a cautious mood, so the transaction volume is also limited and the boost strength is not strong.

There is a significant resistance in the transaction of high priced EPS in the whole market, and the business negotiations are still inclined to be flexible. The buyers of EPS should procure according to the real demanding while the traders should control the inventory of EPS modestly in order to avoid the risks prudently.