The Mechanical Process For Recycling Waste Polystyrene Foam

Deaeration polystyrene foam pellets usually are recycled by mechanical recycling method. At first, waste polystyrene foam blocks are heated to shrink volume and brittle, and then put them into the crushing machine, waste foam is broken up into small pieces. At last, extruder, extruding granulation.

For polystyrene foam sheet, some are put directly into the recycling machine that is special designed, the mouth of recycling machine is big, so that the larger size of the plate can be directly put into it. The rotating cutter can cut a soft polystyrene foam board into the compression and heating, so that the melt and then extrusion has a certain density material. Some are connected with direct and vented extruder, can extrusion granulation, obtain polystyrene pellets directly.

Fish box recycling process

Recycling process are as follows: at first, put the waste polystyrene foam blocks that had got rid of dirt into broken machine, and be broken into 60mmX60mm, got rid of heavy foreign body by wind sorting machine, further removed impurities by pipeline sent to separator, leaving only lighter polystyrene foam pieces are blown into the circular silos by the compressed air.

Then supplying the foam block quantitative under a process of cleaning machine, waste polystyrene foam block is dewatered in the foam recycling machine. and after centrifugal dewatering, again air drying, sent to a crusher shattered into pieces 20mm and further reduced the moisture by the hot air drying, reserved slots for the following of the pipeline putting into intermediate storage
Extruder barrel temperature is divided into three parts, the first paragraph (170-230) is the residual moisture, second (200-230) made the polystyrene foam partial melting, third (200-230) all melt.
The extruder is equipped with 2 exhaust holes, and the waste polystyrene foam blocks are gradually heated and melted in the extruder, with the shear action of the screw rotation, which causes the bubble to burst, and the gas is discharged from the vent hole. The material is extruded from a compaction, granulating cooling, get good quality of polystyrene pellets.

The advantages of this process are:

Due to the use of the washing machine, extruder, granulation and other equipment and the composition of the production line, it can continuously recycle styrofoam;

Due to the use of the a wind separator, it can effectively remove the foreign body, coupled with the use of washing machine, making the quality of recycled EPS foam is good, the use of exhaust type extruder makes the density of recycled material close to the new material;

As a result of being able to deal with the opportunity to reduce the pollution in time, the whole closed automatic operating system reduces the pollution of the workshop and the environment.

The process for recycling waste polystyrene foam

Nagoya machinery manufacturing developed a small shaped recycling equipment, the recycling steps are as follows: open the lid of the hopper, put into the whole of waste polystyrene foam, they will go into coarse crushing device, and is crushed into a 30-50mm size piece of material, fell in bottom through the screen, the bottom is designed to a magnet grip nails, iron sheet, iron material suck.
And they go into the pipe, transported to the top of the hopper by the compressed air, the hopper is designed into the feed mouth with the low high shape. Under the action of the air flow, the polystyrene foam particles are over the wall , and the air can enter into the storage tank.

The polystyrene foam particles is fine crushing through the pipeline and fell a part, finally mixed with the sand hopper at the top.As compressed air centrifugal sedimentation, the polystyrene foam particles will settled in the feeding side of the ditch wall groove. After these steps, can be completely removed from impurity.