The Amount of Waste Plastic Increases Rapidly

The widely use of plastic products results in a rapid increase of waste plastic. According to the statistics, the annual amount of waste plastic produced by our country is about 5,000,000 tons, which has caught the attention of all walks of life and needs a complete waste management.


Compared to other kinds of rubbish, waste plastic is lighter in weight and larger in amount, so it should not be dealt with by burying. However, waste plastic is a kind of macromolecular material with high calorific value, which means recycling it is a good way to go. We can take full advantage of the waste plastic’s value to save the nature resources and reduce the pollution caused by waste plastic. As the quick development of the plastic industry, waste plastic recycling becomes more and more important in resources regeneration and environmental protection.


Therefore, there are great business opportunities in the field of waste plastic recycling. Not only the waste plastic produced in China can be processed, but also the waste plastic materials imported from 26 foreign countries, such as America, Indonesia, Chile, Peru, Canada, South Korea and so on.

However, apart from the business opportunities, waste plastic also brings threaten to the environment. Recently, Inspection Quarantine Bureau of Xiamen has examined a batch of waste plastic imported from Israel and discovered that the smelly goods were used large pieces of plastic films, to which soil and fertilizers were adhered. They were identified as agricultural plastic films and unqualified waste plastic materials, so they were returned back.

It should be noted that soil and used agricultural plastic films are the solid waste that are forbidden to be imported into China. So enterprises should be careful and inspect the waste goods before importing them.


Waste recycling, such as plastic recycling will be managed in a regulated way and develop quickly in the future. GreenMax, plastic recycling specialist gives the total solution of waste plastic recycling: classification of the rubbish carried out by everybody, recycling of the recyclable materials, processing the collected materials with machines like compactor, and producing them into new valuable products.