“Territorial Declaration, Territorial Release” Policy

General Administration of Customs on April 10th announced that the Customs General Administration of Customs on April 10th announced that the Customs Department decided to expand the "Territorial Declaration, Territorial Release" application scope.

Companies whose customs management class operating units is Class A and  customs management reporting units is Class B above (including Class B)  import and export goods can accord to "General Administration of Customs Clearance Operations to Deepen the Reform of Regional Notice" (Customs Department Notice No. [2013] 58) shall apply "Territorial Declaration, Territorial Release." And this policy shall become effective on May 1st, 2014.

"Territorial Declaration, Territorial Release" clearance mode begins on November 1st, 2013, initially only AA enterprises can enjoy this customs policy. After qualifying companies go through clearance procedures in customs in charge, customs clearance information is sent directly to the port customs, port handling real goods after customs clearance procedures, companies can pick up the goods directly from the port area.
The insiders believe that on the one hand this clearance model helps companies further reduce the time between the two places and customs fees; on the other hand, enterprises clearance have greater autonomy, for not only can they arrange transport time and transport routes by themselves, but also they are able to select the entry and exit customs clearance and cargo ports and operate independently in accordance with convenient business clearance.