Some Tips to Reduce Plastic Waste in Your Life

How to reduce plastic waste in your life, do not know where to start, the following moves, will introduce the details of life to start to reduce plastic pollution.

Instrumental tips:

Although many plastics can be recycled (recyclable), but it is the devaluation of the recycling (downcycled). For example: a plastic milk box can not be recycled into a new milk box, it can only be made into a low grade of plastic plate, so that this is not a real sense of the recycling.

How serious is the problem of plastic recycling? In this way, in 2009, there are a total of 30000000 tons plastic waste generated in the United States, only 7% were recycled. The ultimate habitat of these plastic wastes is in landfills, beaches, rivers, oceans, and not in the recycled products we expect. It is worth mentioning that the plastic is basically made from crude oil.

Fortunately, there are some simple ways to reduce plastic waste in our daily life:

1 please say "NO" to plastic straw
Do you really need a plastic straw when you drink?
The first simple way is to drink without a plastic straw, just said to the waiter that you do not need straw. If it is very convenient for you to use plastic straw.

2 use renewable plastic bags
Say "NO" to a disposable plastic bag"
The people in the United States uses 1000000 plastic bags per minute, a plastic bag that needs to be degraded by 1000 years. If every time you go to the supermarket will bring their own Recyclable bag, you are in the "right way". If you go to the supermarket and insist on taking a one-time plastic bag, then you may need a little time to change your habits.

3 try to buy a box, don't buy a bottle.
When you buy detergent (powder), please try to buy a box instead of plastic bottles. Compared to plastic products, paper products more easily degradable.

4 using Green max machine
There are many waste EPS foam in our life, we can use the Greenmax recycling machine such as compressing styrofoam machine or EPS densifier, in these places we generally produce renewable PS pellets, or you can save storage space, so you can save money and reduce unnecessary freight.

5 use reusable bottles and cups
After drinking mineral water, it is better to reuse by filling it with water than throwing the bottle directly.
Bottled water will produce 1500000 tons plastic each year, and it takes 47000000 gallons crude oil to produce them. Fill the bottles with water, and you can make their lives do not end up in landfills or in the ocean. When you go to a cafe to drink coffee, you can bring your own coffee cup, and it is kind and friendly to the environment, so that you can reduce unnecessary plastic coffee cups or paper cups. According to statistics, in the United States, the average annual use 500 disposable cups, and your little move, is a big step to reduce plastic pollution.

6 return the recoverable container
Some fruit and vegetable containers are available if they are recyclable, and they can be brought when you go to the supermarket or the store to re pack the fruit or vegetables.