Shanghai INTCO's 20 Km Trail-walk in This Winter

Last Saturday, staff of INTCO Industries Co., Ltd in Shanghai had a trail walk, with the trip length of 20 km, from San Jia Bay to Zhangjiang Hi-tech Park. The activity lasted for more than three hours, and all fellows that participated in the trail walk arrived at the terminal, which was quite exhausting but exciting.

The scheduled buses took all the staff to the starting point before 10 o’ clock, a desolate place where even a public lavatory was hard to find. Staff members were divided into 12 groups, each consisting of 6 six colleagues from different departments. There were rules for this trail walk: no vehicle was allowed, only walking or running on feet.

group photo

At 10 o’clock, the game officially began and all groups started. It was quite a spectacular scene that more than 70 people running or walking along the road in such a cold winter, and many passersby were astonished by this sight.

The differences among the groups became obvious just at the very beginning of the game. Some groups led the way and went forward speedily, while some seemed not worry at all and walked leisurely.

start the trip

Along the trip, there were many scenes and figures which were cozy, caring or interesting. In a word, they were memorable moments.

Anyway, all staff had a good performance in this activity. Even 20 km was quite a long distance for most people, no one gave up. The first group that arrived at the terminal at 1 o’ clock, with 3 three hours. And the following groups came in droves. No matter how long they spent, they finished the 20 km trip on their best.

successful arrival

The 20 km trail walk came to a successful end, and it brought together colleagues from different departments of INTCO. Fellows of INTCO Recycling GreenMax machinery felt proud of it as the participators of this activity. Since we work together in INTCO, we are in a great family.