Review of GreenMax in 2014

The New Year of 2015 has come and we bade farewell to the old year of 2014. How time flies! To have a fresh start in the New Year, it’s necessary for everyone to have review of the past moment. For GreenMax, 2014 is busy and meaningful.

INTCO Recycling made great achievements in the last year and Mr. Frank Liu, President of INTCO, made painstaking efforts for INTCO’s development and expansion. Medias like Zibo TV and China Chemical Industry News interviewed Mr. Frank Liu and released news reports, and government organizations such as China Cyclic Economy Association came to visit INTCO Recycling.

Zibo News interview INTCO

China Cyclic Economy Association visited INTCO

Delegation of EPRO—European Association of Plastics Recycling & Recovery Organization had a trip to China during November 10th to 14th, and they visited INTCO Recycling in Shanghai as their final stop. Their recognition and appreciation on our EPS recycling solution encouraged us to go further and stronger.

EPRO visited INTCO

In 2014, we also attached great importance to global exhibitions: Chinaplas in Shanghai, China, IFAT in Munich, Germany, RWM in Birmingham, Britain, POLEKO in Poznan, Poland, ECOMONDO in Rimini, Italy, and CWRE in Toronto, Canada. We brought our GreenMax EPS recycling machines to these famous exhibitions and attracted many visitors’ attentions.

IFAT 2014

RWM 2014

The GreenMax EPS Compactors and compacted EPS blocks on our stands showed vividly how we solve the problem of waste EPS recycling: we sell EPS recycling machines and we buy back your compacted EPS blocks or hot melted EPS ingots to manufacture PS moldings and framings.



CWRE 2014

Thanks to our great efforts made in the year of 2014, more and more individuals and institutions come to know INTCO Recycling and GreenMax. And we will also continue to try hard in 2015 to provide you better services.