Recycling Raiders Of Waste Plastic Foam

Polystyrene foam can use in household appliances, such as styrofoam packaging or frozen food packaging such as fish boxes, food trays and lunch boxes. There are a few bowls of instant noodles can be made of injection molded polystyrene beads. These foam plastics are bulky, its recycling absorbed special attention.

Main ways of styrofoam Recycling are: granulation after volume reduction, used for various filling materials after crushing, pyrolysis oil or recycled styrene and other.

(1) Granulation after volume reduction. Polystyrene foam is very difficult to transport because EPS light in weight, huge in size. So at first, melting and compacting is necessary to reduce the volume and save the transportation cost. Then polystyrene foam was extruded granulation and made renewable aggregates. The method includes mechanical method, solvent method and heating method.

Greenmax styrofoam Recycling machine crush waste EPS into pieces and then the waste styrofoam will be melted after heating. Then the melted EPS material will be squeezed out and then will be shaped after cooling. At last EPS material will be made into pellets. This is hot melting process method. It is widly used in all of the world.

(2) Crushing as a filler, polystyrene foam products can serve as fillers after crushing, made of various products.

① re-molded into foam products 

② concrete composite board products

③ plaster brick sandwich

④ used asphalt enhancer

⑤ used as a soil-modifying agent

(3) Cracking oil or recycled styrene, oil cracking method of polystyrene foam plastic waste is as follows:

Waste polystyrene foam - Pretreatment - heat treatment volume reduction - DCC - Distillation - styrene

(4) Other methods. Waste polystyrene foam can be used in the manufacture of paints and adhesive.

① Paint, polystyrene foam can be made of pulverized paint, process is as follows:

Fillers, colorants

PS, ethyl acetate, anti-research, through research, through production

Ethanol, dibutyl ring should wear filter reactor mill filtration products

Epoxy resin, nitrile rubber kettle

② mixed solvent adhesives, esters and benzene, adding the waste polystyrene foam, anti-settling agents, plasticizers, phenolic resins and other additives, can be made for the cement, steel, wood and paint.

③ brominated flame retardants brominated polystyrene system, using two aluminum chloride as a catalyst, the waste polystyrene and bromine electrophilic substitution reaction of brominated polystyrene, a bromine content of up to 60 percent to 70 %, for PET, ABS, and nylon flame retardant thermoplastics. Brominated polystyrene cheap, good flame retardant effect and thermal stability, the amount of 5 parts (by mass) can have a significant flame retardant effect. And use antimony trioxide, has good fire-retardant synergistic effect.