Polystyrene recycling has aroused a wide attention at present


Polystyrene is an excellent material for packaging, which is usually used in household appliances packaging or frozen food packaging.


But it is very difficult to recycle because these polystyrene foam packaging foam is bulky, the problem of polystyrene recycling has caused wide public concern over the recent years.

At present, the main way of Polystyrene foam recycling is to make it into recycled granules. The waste polystyrene foam can be made into recycled pellets after hot melting extrusion and granulation by using granulate machine.


To reduce the volume is the first step because these bulk polystyrene foam is difficult to transport. A polystyrene crusher has been widely applied to the reduction of the foam volume.



GREENMAX recycling is a specialist in polystyrene recycling, which can provide professional polystyrene crusher, the machine is able to compact the bulk polystyrene foam into density blocks, and then the blocks can be turned into other things or sold.


GREENMAX APOLO series and Mars series all can deal with polystyrene foam; APOLO series is screw compactor machine with high ratio of 50:1, which means the density blocks is 50 times smaller than the bulk foam. Mars series is hot melt machine that is more efficient than APOLO series, which can work at 90:1. 

To recycling polystyrene, high-technology methods should be promoted. If you are interested in polystyrene recycling, welcome to leave your comments.