Polystyrene crusher from GREENMAX can react positively to the prohibition of waste plastic import


By the end of 2017, China will comprehensively ban the import of solid waste which is environmentally harmful. By the end of 2019, the import of solid waste that can be replaced by domestic resources will also be gradually stopped.
The so-called environmentally harmful solid waste, mainly refers to waste plastics, waste EPS without sorting, as well as waste textile raw materials, vanadium slag and other solid waste.



As a result, not only domestic recycling industries suffer great changes, but also a large number of EPS and some other waste plastics abroad will not be able to enter China for recycling.
Fortunately, no matter what the situation will be, there are always solutions accordingly. As an old saying goes, it is better to teach fishing than to offer fish. We will be unable to import those waste plastics to help recycle, but we can provide recycling machines for plastic material suppliers to recycle by themselves


Just as GREENMAX always strives to do. It has already cooperated with so many world renowned companies, most of which are world’s top 500, such as ASHLEY, DOW, GREE, LOREAL, PEPSI, NESTLE, and so on.
It is the perfect recycling machines that make GREENMAX win a far and wide reputation. The screw compactor, the thermal densifier, and even the polystyrene crusher, all elaborate a huge function in plastic recycling, especially polystyrene foam recycling.


These machines, by clear division, can be charged with specific responsibilities. The crusher is used to cut the bulky polystyrene foam into pieces, and through a screw compactor, these foam pieces will be compacted into foam blocks, while the thermal densifier can make the pieces into densified ingots by heating and melting. What they have in common is the realization of volume reduction.


In the case of the prohibition of waste import, GREENMAX recycling machines can be in a great demand for many manufactures abroad for the recycling by themselves. We are waiting for you, for a prospective cooperation.