Plastic Waste Can Be Converted into Energy

As global energy source is in great shortage, reusing renewable energy is a great urgency. Plastic takes a large proportion in all rubbish, burning those causes severe pollution to the environment, which is also the source of giving off dioxin. On May 30th, a new technology is created to convert plastic waste into gas and other energies.


Technician Huang Feng said this equipment can transfer plastic waste into gas, tar, paraffin and asphalt. This equipment consist of several different sized cans and pipelines. Workers poured several boxes of plastic waste into the feed throat and fired to start the processing system. After ten minutes heating, natural gas came out, light blue flame showed when set fire to the gas.
Huang explains that after burning under the temperature of 1100 to 1200 degree centigrade and spray cooling to produce tar can thoroughly break down dioxin, besides, waste produce during the burning can be processed into asphalt.
These years, as the government pays attention to environmental protection and energy conservation, waste foam and plastic recycling enterprises are increasing. While in western countries, especially developed countries, waste recycling has already developed to a mature level. During constructing recycling career, we can learn a lot from those developed countries.