Plastic Recycling and Reusing

Plastic bottle consumption situation:

The excellent insulation of PET material makes it the main package material for juice,dairy product, tea beverage,sodas and mineral water. In our country, the current PET plastic bottles are all made of PET raw material refined from oil. Every year, as large as 3 million PET plastic bottles production consume over 18 million tons of oil, at the same time causing great environment pressure. PET plastic bottle recycling helps to conserve natural resource. In Beijing city,PET plastic bottle consumption amounts to 150 thousand ton every year, which is about 6 billion waste plastic bottle, resulting in huge damage to the environment.   

PET bottle is not only used to sodas, juicy and tea beverage, but also widely applied to food, chemical industry, medicine package and other areas.PET plastic has a wide range of application, no matter package film, or beer bottle, PET plastic is applied. But when these materials are wasted, how to deal with them become a big problem. So waste PET bottle recycling can not only solve the environmental problem, but also as a new material resource to release China’s lacking in PET raw material. 

Looking back at China’s thirty years opening and reforming, although China has achieved great feats attracting world attention, severer environmental damages are brought into at the same time. Water pollution, air pollution, solid waste pollution and so on, causing great shrink to China’s economy.

People began to be aware of this problem, and come up with the sustainable development, green GDP strategy circle economy strategy and other measures. We can see that PET bottle recycling is in accordance with what China is confronted with, it is beneficial to environmental protection, resource conservation and sustainable development.  

Ways of plastic bottle recycling and recycling situation in our country:

There are mainly two ways of plastic bottle recycling:physical recycling and chemical recycling 

Physical recycling way is to separate, crush, clean and dry, then process to pellets. Chemical ways including hydrolysis and alcoholizes. 

Recycling ten thousand waste plastic bottle equals to save fifty thousand oil, reduce carbon dioxide 37.5 thousand tons. In 2008, plastic bottle consumption in our country reaches to 51.94 million and ranked the second in the word. In the same year, domestic waste plastic bottle recycling was about nine million tons with a recycling rate of 22 percent. Imported waste plastic amounted to 7 million tons with a total recycling amount 16 million tons. Our country has become the world’s largest recyclable plastic market.