Plastic Recycling Situation Is Imminent

With the increasing urban population, acceleration of industrialization process, and growing consumer awareness, global plastics waste management market demand is increasing. According to the world's second largest market research firm Markets and Markets has released a research report shows that in 2020, the global plastic waste management market is expected to increase annual revenue 26,573,300,000 US dollars, the annual compound growth rate is about 3.02%.

China has a long history in the use of plastics. Many plastic products were made in China. We exported a large quantity of plastic products, and become the world's largest plastics producers in 2013. Recently, Chinese fierce domestic consumption of plastic is still growing.

Because a lot of production and improper internal management, China is the world's leading plastic waste country, especially plastic debris were put into the ocean, about 28% of the plastic are generated in China. Since 2025 is expected to increase by 3 million urban residents, with the rapid rise in total consumption, whether China can find a more effective method of waste plastics is crucial.

Through the integrated treatment and garbage recycling, can reduce pollution, conserve resources. For example, per one ton of plastic bottles can be recycled 0.7 tons available secondary materials. The compacted EPS can provide energy, and can be used as the extraction of oil and fuel, and be regenerated new high-quality plastic material products, so it is widely plastics recycling applications. According to reports, the average recycling rate of plastics in Europe is more than 45%, Germany and Japan plastic recycling rate is above 60%, while Chinese recycling rate is only about 25%.

So, how to properly resolve the problem of plastic waste, enhance the recovery of plastic waste and solid waste is one of our problems to solve.

"Plastic garbage can be reused as other resources, after melt granulation, can be produced black plastic garbage bags, packaging used in construction, building plastic template, green grille and other products, if using this resource This alone can reduce landfill waste by 30%, while reducing the amount of waste transport by 30%. "China plastics industry renowned experts said plastics derived from petroleum, are macromolecules, can not break down whether in nature or microorganisms photosynthesis, so the utilization of plastic from the product itself should be more resolved.

Some experts said that although biomass degradable plastics is the future direction of plastics development industry, but the period is too long and the cost is too large, so short-term supply of ordinary plastic products is still the main subject.

There are nearly 70 million tons of plastic consumption each year, need professional recycling and sorting system as a support, but the status of megacities garbage siege, and unlimited expansion of the landfill, have asked the government must speed up the plastic waste resource utilization efficiency, improve the plastic recycling and policies and subsidies to support waste recycling rules, must not be allowed plastic to become "underground workers."

"The heat value of one ton of plastic can be equivalent to several times ordinary coal, substitution of coal is one of the ways to deal with plastic waste, the other is to improve cities plastic garbage collection, sorting, cleaning, granulation, re-use recycling systems construction. At present, some companies make use of discarded plastic building board, its overall cost is lower than wood boards, plastic waste recycling with polystyrene recycling machine is an effective way to save wood resources." another industry expert said.