Plastic News Interviewed INTCO Recycling Company

On July 1st, American Plastic News interviewed our manager Lucy.

Plastic News is the most famous trade newspaper with a weekly 46,000 circulation which delivering global news. Its publication launched a website in 1996. 

A few weeks ago, when we are registering in PN website, PN noticed us and showed great interest in us. Nina indicated that she gets to know us at the Chinaplas Exhibition and was very impressed by Lucy’s presentation. So when we were registering in their website, she immediately contacted us and hoped to have an interview.  

On July 1st, Rebecca Kanthor, their journalist in Shanghai went to our factory located in Fengxian area, interviewing Lucy and visiting our INTCO Recycling factory.

In the factory, Rebecca took a lot of manufacturing picture from many angles. Lucy had the interview in our newly constructed building; she introduced our company manufacture line, our developing plans and our contributions to the environment. The visiting and interview lasted as long as more than three hours.

INTCO is getting its attentions from more media and enterprises; we are growing and making progress, hoping to make greater contribution to the environment and society.