Plastic Bottle Recycling Brings Large Profits to Enterprises in Taiwan

When you finish a bottle of drinking, do you have the awareness of recycling the plastic bottles? Everyone’s little action of putting the rubbish in the right place can make great contribution to the environmental protection. Plastic bottle recycling is a potential field of creating new values and making money.

According to the statistic provided by the environmental protection department of Taiwan, since the year of 2012, the number of companies specialized in waste container recycling have reached more than 290, most of which are about waste plastic bottle recycling. The plastic bottles they recycle include those made of PET, PE, PP, PVC, PS and so on.

The plastic bottles can be processed into reclaimed materials after being recycled, which can be used to make various kinds of new products. For example, the reclaimed materials of PET can be produced into textiles, PE reclaimed materials are able to become Fiber pipes.


The high quality of the plastic bottles’ reclaimed materials has gained the approval of the international plastic market. Regenerated ester pellets of plastic bottles are just a case in point, which can be made into packaging for overseas food or sports uniforms.

It is counted that in the year of 2011 the total amount of the recycled plastic bottles has reached about 193,000 tons. Having been dealt with appropriately, these plastic bottles generated 169,000 metric tons of reclaimed materials and saved a large cost of rubbish cleaning. The total output value generated by waste plastic bottles’ reclaimed materials reached 270 billion New Taiwan dollars.

Waste plastic bottle recycling can help to save nature resources and reduce pollution, and also can procreate great business opportunities which bring large profits. Plastic bottles can be dewatered and compacted by special compacters, and GreenMax supplies such machines. Everyone should form the good habit of classifying rubbish and recycling the recyclable wastes.