Physical Recycling Technology of Waste Plastic

Currently, based on the wrong concept of “waste is the wrongly placed resource”, waste plastic can be recycled in physical ways to realize recycling and reusing.

There are mainly two ways, simple regeneration and physical modification regeneration technology.

First, simple regeneration technology

Simple regeneration technology is by classifying, cleaning, crushing, melting and pelletizing recycled waste plastic, directly process and shape then into new products. Mainly applied materials are leftovers during manufacturing; it is also applicative to easy clean disposable wastes. For its simple procedures, low cost and little investment, simple regeneration technology enjoys a widespread application.   
PET is widely used in our daily life, one way is remanufacturing PET bottles, and the other is to make fiber. PE film can be used to produce recyclable pellets, which can be applied to produce agricultural film, fertilizer package, garbage bag, barrel and so on.

Two, physical modification regeneration technology 

Physical modification regeneration technology is by adding different modifier according to different waste plastic and modifying it into high-valued material.
After modification, mechanical property is remarkably improved and can be applied to make upscale plastic products. This kind of modification technology is complicated in manufacture line and special machine equipment is needed sometimes.