Packaging for Moon Cake Has the Trend of Becoming Cheap and Simple

The Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon and all kinds of gift boxes for moon cakes are sold in the whole nation. Compared with the moon cake packaging several years ago, the gift boxes in this year have been much simplified, which are also in lower price than before. Most of the boxes are sold at the price of 100 Yuan, and it’s hard to find out some expensive moon cake boxes, which used to be sold at about 500 Yuan or even 1000 Yuan.


It is resulted from the revolution of simplifying the moon cake packaging carried in the last year. With the aim of cutting down the cost of producing and purchasing moon cake boxes and saving the resources and materials used in the process of production during this special holiday, governments has advocated to use simple and cheap packaging for the moon cakes.


One the one hand, this is a good movement for most people. The complicated and luxury packaging used before was expensive for customers and cost a huge number of paper or plastic materials, which is actually unnecessary and people have to do the waste management work of paper recycling or waste plastic recycling in order to prevent the pollution they might cause.


On the other hand, companies specialized in moon cake packaging industry is facing serious challenges. Those who used to produce luxury packaging boxes now can scarcely get such orders, which urge them to change their business orientations. They have to accept the small orders for simplified and low cost packaging to survive in this circumstance.


In a word, moon cake in this Mid-Autumn Festival is quite cheap and the moon cake boxes are in simplified styles. It’s common to send gifts to each other in festivals, however, flashy but expensive packaging should not be the focus. Caring for those who we love more in the daily time and spending money at the more practical events are good choices. What’s more, we can reduce the paper or plastic waste and protect the environment.