PET Recycling and Reusing

Among plastic package materials, PET package is recyclable. In 1990, about 13.5 million pound PET package was recycled, the recycling rate is 20 percent. In 1993, about 45 million pound was recycled, with the recycling rate of 30 percent.
Currently, apart from American scene PET container recycling, over 3,500 roadside markets collection stations are set up.


Recyclable PET is applied to fiber and thermal forming materials. Nonfood package, strips and molding mixtures are in great demand. Recyclable PET is also degradable and reshaped, producing new pure PET.

It is predicted that PET demand will reach 1 billion in late 90s and purifying capability will catch up with demand. Industry challenge will motivate the enforcement of recycling plan in order to provide raw materials to meet demand. 

Another situation is that PET package is light weighted which is remarkable in reducing waste source. Present PET package is 25 to 30 percent lighter than that of 70s when it first appeared.
If burn PET in waste turn into energy burning equipment, high proportion of BTU can guarantee effective burning and its products of combustion are only water vapor and carbon dioxide. Since PET is a relatively inert material, buried won’t bring potential harm.