PET Applications in Daily Life

PET is mainly used in soft drink package. PET has almost totally occupied the 2 liter unrecyclable container market; 1.5 liter, 1 liter, 0.5 liter and even smaller PET bottle have gained widely recognition. PET can be applied to food, wine and detergent.  

Demand for PET from carbonated beverage and industrial product packages are constantly increasing. Packaged food includes mustard, peanut butter, condiment, edible oil, cocktail, concentrated juice and so on. New color, especially white PET used in medicine, vitamin and detergent packages are warmly welcomed. 

The newest, most rapidly increased application of PET container is food and beverage package. Many food, especially fruit contained food and beverage must be packaged under 180F or higher temperature. In this way, product and container are pastured.          

Ordinary orientation container, such as soft beverage package will shrink or tend to transformation under temperature higher than 160F.

PET’s other final applications are PET extruding coating, extrusion forming film and board. Besides, PET can be used as basic material of oven trays. PET film can usually be used in photographic film, tape and electrical insulation. 

Non-orientation PET begins to be applied to tray, foamed products and beverage cups. PET thermoplastic resin is illegal food touching package.