N-EXPO 2016 is opening in Tokyo

Great news!!! N-EXPO 2016 will be held on May 24-27, 2016 in Tokyo, Japan.

The show organizers are Japan Environment Association and Japanese Ministry of Environment.

The exhibition is held once every year.

At that time, there are kinds of exhibits as follows:

Garbage collection: Garbage - energy conversion technologies and equipment; detection of pollutants and disposal; pollution-free green products and other environmentally friendly technologies, products; natural ecological protection technology; environmental engineering, and technical services.

Solid Waste: waste disposal and utilization of waste accumulation and transport, clean vehicles, transport equipment, machinery and dispose of biological, coagulation / fermentation technology, safe waste disposal;
food trays

Wastewater treatment: water treatment, and water cleaner; water disinfection technology and equipment; water treatment automation and intelligent control technology; water engineering and related technologies, equipment and services
Green energy: energy-saving technologies, products; air pollution control technology; environmental monitoring instruments and ancillary equipment; municipal waste and industrial hazardous waste treatment technology and equipment, etc.;

Noise and vibration: flue gas purification and air extraction; measurement, control and testing techniques; industrial urban purification; landfill technology; waste energy recycling; coastal protection and flood prevention; engineering companies; education and scientific research.

Urban environment clean vehicles and equipment
Show Review:
N-EXPO has held its annual session in Tokyo, Japan, Sendai, Osaka, Nagoya, Fukuoka city, N-EXPO 2016 will be held in May in Japan's capital Tokyo. In 2015, 617 exhibitors from around the world, there are 130 international exhibitors. Exhibition area is 2095 square feet, 167,210 audience visited the N-EXPO 2015.

In the last show, solid waste disposal and recycling technology accounted for 25.7%; water treatment, soil improvement, air handling accounted for 10.9%; electricity and other energy saving and accounting for 10.9 %; renewable energy accounted for 9.3%; global warming prevention measures, 9.1%; biomass accounted for 8.6%; disassembly and 3R processing accounted for 5.3%; collection, transport and waste transfer and other accounted for 5.3%; environmental management software, scale, measurement, analysis, accounted for 2.8%; radioactive materials, analysis and purification technology accounted for 2.8%; bioplastics, environmentally friendly packaging and other accounted for 2.5%; Land hardening, prevent or reduce disasters accounted for 2.5%; heat relations 1.8%; academic and social organizations and other 1.5%; 1.0% industry risk business. N-EXPO 2016 will raise a total of more trading platform, adding more professional and technical exchanges, and INTCO GREENMAX look forward to cooperation and exchange with you in our 

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