MARS Series Machines For EPS Materials Recycling is in Test

Now EPS foam have wide use but EPS foam have pollution on the environment if they are not recycled timely and correctly. EPS foam could be used as insulation materials, water proof materials and food packaging materials. So you could see the wide use of EPS foam materials and you could also find waste plastic foam recycling machine demands will be large in fact.

As a recycling company, our business is related to waste plastic foam. So we have produced a lot of waste plastic foam recycling machines, and we have cold compacted machines and hot melt machines for waste reuse and recycling.
So waste EPS foam now could be reused and recycled as much as possible with the help of recycling machines, such as Mars series machines and Apolo series machines.

Recently, we are testing Mars series machines for waste EPS foam recycling. The machine could crush waste EPS foam into pieces and then melt down waste EPS foam into blocks. We now have produced different modes of machines which have different designations and different appearances. For example, little-size Mars series machines could move easily and conveniently from one place to the other place.

Large-size machines could handle a large amount of waste foams at one time, but this series of machines could not move with large size and heavy weight. Little size machines could offer much more convenience for people who do not have a large output of waste EPS foam and they could save a lot of costs by using little size Mars series, such as M-C50 and M-C100.

The last is about the melted waste EPS foam, and you could see the handled effects below the picture. Have more interests, you could research Greenmax machines or INTCO recycling which have provided complete details.