The Second China (Jiaxing) integrated ceiling Industry Expo

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In recent years, with the rapid development of the industry ceiling, from a single product to a systematic, intelligent, brand development. This new class of integrated ceiling which has experienced a decade history, the Chinese people themselves do such a category can come out and get out wonderful! Ten years later, integrated ceiling has entered "the era of big industry" and will create a promising new industry.

jiaxing city

2016 Second China Jiaxing integrated ceiling integrated home Fair Industry Expo is co-sponsored at the national level by the Association of China Building Decoration Material Association, China Building Decoration Association, the National Federation of Furniture Industry Association.


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2016 Second China Jiaxing integrated ceiling integrated home Fair Industry Expo expects 260 exhibitors, Jiaxing City, local businesses expected to account for 60% of the proportion of home, the proportion of foreign enterprises accounted for about 40%, there will be 12,000 professional visitors and expected people, including about 4500 people foreign visitors, about 1500 designers and decoration companies, this exhibition will become the most professional and the largest industry event, where to eat, housing, tourism, to bring unlimited business opportunities for the broad integration decoration (ceiling) in the local economy and industry, offers a platform to promote its brand image and strength to the company, integrated decoration (ceiling) exhibition erected a communication and cooperation between the various aspects of the downstream industry chain.


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Exhibition time: on June 2-4, 2016 (3 days)
Exhibition Address: Jiaxing International Convention and Exhibition Center
Intco Stand: B-T-221 (72 square meters)


ps moulding

2 Intco booth
High-end whole house moldings: Crown PS Moldings, wainscoting, wall waistline, retaining moldings, baseboard
Effect: like wood
Features: waterproof, moisture, light and easy to install ...