Invest in GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier to earn additional income


Why should we invest in a professional Styrofoam densifier? Many end users of foam products have doubts about investing in Styrofoam recycling machines. In fact, if you have a deep understanding of the Styrofoam recycling industry, you will know that investing in Styrofoam densifier can make Styrofoam recycling business as one of the company's sources of income.



Let ’s review how foam products end users used to handle Styrofoam waste.

Usually in two ways, in the case of a small amount of Styrofoam waste, some supermarkets, retail stores, furniture stores and other end users may send Styrofoam to landfills with other waste. There is no doubt that this approach is bad for our environment. As a recyclable material, Styrofoam can be effectively recycled, and Styrofoam recycling should be encouraged. Other companies with larger amounts of waste have turned to nearby recyclers or waste management companies to pick up the waste for free or for a small fee. Not only do they incur extra costs, but the time required to clean up the waste is not guaranteed. Loose Styrofoam can be stored for weeks or even months, occupying a large amount of storage space.



The disadvantages of the above treatment methods are not conducive to environmental protection, waste disposal is not timely, resulting in additional costs. So what are the benefits of investing professional Styrofoam densifier?

Dispose of Styrofoam waste in time. We can decide when to compress Styrofoam waste according to the amount, so as to avoid the accumulation of waste material that takes up storage space or causes safety risks.



Make effective use of resources. We know that Styrofoam is recyclable, which means it is a renewable resource. GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can melt the waste Styrofoam into dense foam ingots, and the recycled Styrofoam is the raw material for new foam products manufacturing.

Earn additional income. Foam ingots melted by GREENMAX Styrofoam densifier can be sold at a high price.Exactly GREENMAX is Styrofoam buyer. If you have a steady source of Styrofoam waste, this revenue will be constant and will ultimately help your business generate additional income. Why not invest in a Styrofoam densifier?