Intco Trading Company Held New Year Party In Shanghai

Time flies, 2015 has passed, 2016 slowly goes toward us. New year, we have new goals and nurture hope. All staff of Intco trading company gathered together to attend the new year party on January 16, 2016 in Shanghai. In the party, we sum up the past year's achievements and shortcomings, shared the every meaningful moments together and looked to the future direction and goals.

The managers

On the annual meeting, the managers made a comprehensive summary for all the work in 2015. At the same time, they described a new blueprint for the development in 2016. The managers praised the staff of various departments in the conversation, "everyone worked hard in this year, made a lot of effort for the company, I hope, in the new year, Intco company will also have a great progress in many fields such as styrofoam recycling career and Greenmax machine, there is a greater leap, and hope that all staff try our best to draw a line reinforcement." Subsequently, the managers personally distributed red packets for each employee, to reward all colleagues who made a full contribution to the development for the company in 2015.

lucky person

In this event, all staff are very intense and pleased. All of them have sacrificed their own voice, we gather together and put aside the pressure of work, just joint meal. At the same time, during a meal, there are many times lucky raffle, some lucky colleagues got the company's awards and presents such as watches, bags, phones and so on. Each person received gifts. No matter the size of all the prizes, we are very happy and are thanks Intco family.

big award

In the end, everyone all want to have a big step forward in Intco company in the new year. Best wishes to everyone.