Intco Recycling—A Big Family Full of Love

Last weekend, staff in GreenMax, also called Intco Industries Co., Ltd.—one of the Intco Recycling’s subsidiaries in Shanghai, took part in the travel to Anji and Lin’an in Huzhou, Zhejiang, where we enjoyed the pleasant trip and have a deeper cognition of environmental protection.


We started our trip on Friday morning and chatted excitedly on our buses. After arriving there, we have lunch and moved to the famous “Great Bamboo Sea of China” and enjoyed the splendid scenery. Large-areas of the green bamboos comforted our eyes while the fresh air energized our bodies. In the next two days, we also climbed the mountains and watched the great waterfalls. The most exciting activity was drifting. We drifted for an hour and everyone got wet all over the body.

This trip was tiring because it cost a lot of energies when climbing the mountains, but it meant nothing when compared with the happiness it brought to us.


During the happy time of travel, we also noticed the importance of protecting our environment. Water and air in the mountain area are much cleaner and fresher than that of big cities. Local people in the tourist spots have the strong awareness of environmental protection, because they make a living on the attraction of the good environment. We can hardly see waste plastics or other rubbishes thrown on the ground there.

It is so comfortable to live in such good places that we are unwilling to leave. The reason why we paid more attention than other tourists to the aspects of local waste management and environmental protection is that we work in this industry where we have formed the good habit and attitude. It is Intco who teaches and encourages us to protect our planet, so Intco family’s love is not only for the staff working for it, but also for people all around the world.