Intco Participated Waste Disposal and Resource Recycling Exhibition in the UK

Intco participated Bermingham International Convention and Exhibition Center in September 15-17 in 2015 in the UK, with our Styrofoam recycling equipment.

UK Bermingham international waste management and recycling of resources Exhibition in the UK in 2015 is the largest and most professional waste disposal and recycling exhibition, the exhibition was held per year by the Emap and the British Association for waste management (RWM) Co sponsored. It is an important platform for enterprises to display new products, exchange new technologies and test new products. It is a good chance to develop new customers, expand the market and build up the brand of enterprise.

The last session attracted a total of 616 exhibitors from 69 countries, including China, the exhibition area reached 25000 square meters. In the three day of the show, a total of 14500 professional visitors from the world visited the exhibition, including 97% of the audience for the company's decision-making power and influence, 71% of the audience in the exhibition site reached a purchase intent. RWM is the largest international waste disposal and resource recycling industry in Europe in 2014, which provides a rare opportunity for the development of China's environmental protection enterprises in the UK and European markets. Intco seized this opportunity to actively participate in the exhibition, which is conducive to the development of  waste EPS foam machine.

British government attaches great importance to environmental issues. According to the British government to establish goals, to 2010 and 2015, the United Kingdom's renewable energy generating capacity to account for 10% and 15.4%, to 2050, the carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 60%. For this reason, in recent years, the environmental protection industry in the UK has been rapid development. Meanwhile, a survey by Verdantix company pointed out that by 2013, the world's large enterprises to invest in environmental protection industry will reach $60000000000, the environmental protection industry because of its unlimited potential is gradually occupy the market. Accelerate the pace of global economic recovery, the market development to further promote investment in environmental protection industry of major enterprises. Recently, Verdantix company in North America, Britain, Australia and other countries and regions annual income of more than $2500 in the production of more than 1000000000 companies to do a survey. Survey pointed out that the company's investment in environmental protection industry is expected to increase by 50 to 60 percentage points, reaching $60000000000 in 2013. Verdantix company responsible person, in the next 2 years, there will be more funds to be invested in the development of clean technology, energy utilization, and other aspects of the improvement, and called on enterprises as soon as possible to realize the advantages of environmental protection industry, seize the opportunity to invest.

Intco is committed to the development of global environmental protection, professional engaged in the styrofoam compactor , manufactures and sells GREENMAX Compactors/Densifiers and Recycling machines/System. With the growing development of the earth's resources and public awareness of environmental protection, recycling and reuse of non renewable resources is the trend.