INTCO have Organized a Spring Outing Last Sunday

China have four seasons all the year round and the spring is special for Chinese people. As is known, spring is warm and trees and flowers will sprout and bloom, so people would like to appreciate spring beautiful scenery.

So INTCO have organized a spring outing to release pressure. We have watched a lot of beautiful flowers and feel that the nature is so beautiful and attractive. In the farmland we have realized that the nature could bring us so much happiness and could feel we have been in harmony with the nature. That is to say, we are happy and satisfied with the scenery that nature bring us.

Meanwhile, we are very happy as we have made some contributions to nature as our company recycle waste EPS foam and we also produce recycling machines for waste plastic.

In the spring outing, we could communicate with colleagues to create a better work environment. We have big meal together and talk with each other. As a result, we could know more about each other. That is the main purpose to organize an activity at this time and we hope more activities will be organized in the future. Last year, an activity have get a good result that some colleagues who are unfamiliar with each other, but at last they could talk much with others and often orange meeting to have sports or go travel.

But the happiest thing is that we could take up waste recycling career and create a better environment for the world. So it is worth organizing a spring outing and we have realized that we have made much contributions to the environment protection and we could also have enjoy the happy time.

In a word, we love our beautiful nature and we also enjoy our work time for waste recycling career.