INTCO Industries' Happy Memory of Christmas Eve

Christmas of 2014 has recently passed and staff of INTCO are still in a happy mood because the memory of Christmas Eve is so good and the New Year’s Day is coming soon. Therefore we are working excitedly between two holidays.

Merry Christmas

Early in the December, the office of INTCO Industries Co., Ltd. in Shanghai had been decorated beautifully with Christmas air. The shinning Christmas tree, the cute Elk, the bells and Ribbons, and the kindly Santa Claus were all telling us that Christmas was coming.

Decorations in INTCO's office

Although Christmas is a western holiday, it is still quite noticeable in Shanghai, a metropolitan tightly connected with the International pace.

INTCO Industries’ memory of Christmas Eve is mainly about the warm activities: Christmas gift exchange: we had prepared the gift for someone several days before and carried out the exchange process on Christmas Eve. The interesting point of this activity was we didn’t know that who would receive our gift or who would send us gift.

When the exciting Christmas Eve finally came, we gathered together in the big meeting room and surrounded the piled up gifts on the table. Each gift was labelled with number and we got the gift according to the number we picked from a box.

gift exchange
gift exchange

The meeting room was full of happy laughter and amazing sound. When everybody got the “destined” gift, we immersed in the excitement of opening them. Various kinds of gifts soon were presented: chocolates, music box, cushion, and humidifier, perfume and so on. It was quite delighting to receive such carefully prepared gifts on Christmas.

Christmas tree

We enjoyed the Christmas moment in this activity. Staff of different departments thus had more chances to communicate with each other. GreenMax of INTCO Recycling Machinery and other branches of INTCO would remember this warm Christmas forever and we also wish everyone has a happy New Year’s Day.