INTCO Have Participated in the NPE Exhibition

NPE is beginning today. Our company have participated in the exhibition today. So many famous companies have participated in the exhibition, such as Bell Machinery Company and BASF. Also, we are close to these two companies. So if you can visit us easily.

We are a waste recycling company and we hope more people could devote more energies to waste recycling. In the exhibition, we could see different things or products related to plastic industry. Our company’s business is related to plastic industry because our company produce PVC medical gloves, decorative material made by waste plastic foams and waste plastic foam recycling machines.

Some companies have high technology and management experience, so we could get much from this exhibition through communication.

Especially, the NPE exhibition is big and have a great influence on the plastic industry. We could know the importance and role of NPE from the sentence “you make great things. Together, we make great things happen.” So you could see NPE is a media that could provide solutions to every day needs as they provide protection, safety, entertainment, convenience, comfort, advancements, innovation and much more. And every three years, people will come together to discuss world’s needs and how can provide a better solution to waste plastic reuse and handling.

So want to see more details about plastic foam recycling or plastic recycling machines, come to the International Plastics Showcase, which is the world’s largest plastics trade show and conference of the year, including end markets and brand owners. Showcasing equipment and material suppliers, emerging technologies and running equipment for every phase of plastics processing, and you are sure to find your solution.

We are INTCO Recycling Company and Greenmax for waste foam recycling is waiting for your visit.