INTCO Enterprise Culture

Responsibility for employee
Maximize each employee’s personal potential
Hire and promote the proper people
Train and encourage the development of personal professional skills
Constantly provide constructive evaluation
Encourage employee to innovate and change

Responsibility for team
Create a positive working environment
Encourage teamwork
Discover and reward outstanding performance
Provide competitive salary and welfare
Cultivate continuously two-way communication

Responsibility for customer
Satisfy our customers
Understand our customers’ perspective and strategy
Unceasingly improve our products, service and value
Predict and meet our customers’ demand
Building effective customer and supplier alliances

Responsibility for enterprise
Develop our career
Improve long-term profitability
Scale up our business and customer
Constantly invest new product, service and support

Responsibility for society
Adhere to ethical behavior
Take honesty and integrity as principles
Encourage and appreciate trust
Encourage diversified employee team and recognition of different cultures
Protect and care about our community and the need of around environment