INTCO CEO Was Invited to Fortune Time

Fortune Time is a very famous and popular TV program in China. This program mainly focuses on hot issues in finance and economy filed, and invites the most famous outstanding businessmen home and abroad. Fortune Time is broadcasted at eight o’clock in every Saturday evening which is the prime TV time.

Our CEO, Mr. Liu Fangyi was invited to Fortune Time in 2007. In the interview, Mr. Liu talked about his business starting history, the difficulties and successes he has experienced during establishing his own career. His idea of INTCO cooperating with big companies like Wal-Mart is attractive and inspiring.

Starting with selling disposable gloves to hospitals in America when he was in America, nowadays, he already established his own companies. This is a hard, rewarding and inspiring road. As a young CEO, his story and spirits are absolutely worthwhile for young people to learn and to create.

Mr. Liu has a picture taken with the Fortune Time Host Ms. Ye Rong