How to realize foam recycling in Greenmax

Do you realize that foam trash could be turned into picture frames? Foam is used to make different kinds of items in our lives,so recycling foam is not very difficult.Once foam products are collected,they are compressed into dense ingots and turned into pellets that could be used to make new products.

Foam recycling is easy with Greenmax.Whether you are communities,large corporation,schools or recyclers,Greenmax provides a convenient approach of recycling by styrofoam recycling and reuse.Recycling benifits you and your business by saving money and protecting environment.

Greenmax densifier is designed specifically to break down the structure of polystyrene foam through hot melted pressure.The reycling machine reduces the volume of loose foam obviously,saving the cost of storage and transport. The styrofoam densifier is ideal for high-volumn fish boxes,coffe cups, food trays and other foam products

Greenmax recycling machine has many series,such as Apolo series foam compactors,Mars foam densifiers.Mars styrofoam densifiers are famous in European and American especially.It serves for famous customers ,for example Living spaces.