How People in Brussels Treat the Waste Plastic?

Waste plastic and other wastes are appropriately recycled and dealt with in some European countries, so there are comparatively less pollution in these areas. Brussels, with a good waste management, is just a case in point.

Wastes in Brussels should be classified, packed and taken to the certain places in certain times, the whole process of which is quite specific and serious. And as for the rubbish classified inappropriately, the cleaners would ignore them and leave them where they were put.


The Process of How People in Brussels Treat the Waste?

The first step is to buy the disposable bag in supermarkets, which are in the color of white, blue, yellow. White bags are for the daily waste, like remained food, food packages and so on, while the blue ones are for empty plastic bottles, yellow ones for paper products.


Next, there are certain days to the waste recycling work. White bags are collected twice every week, while the blue and yellow ones are taken away once in half a month. In these days, people put the classified wastes in the collection place orderly so that they would not impact the surrounding environment and could be recycled efficiently. Waste plastic recycling is carried out quite commonly, such as the plastic bottles, which can be recycled and compressed into much smaller sizes by compactors and processed further.

As for some special wastes, there are rules about how to deal with them. For example, glass bottles should be thrown into the specific recycling buckets and with their tops taken off. Different kinds of wastes have their own way of treatment which even can be taught one Brussels Cleaning website.


In this way, people in Brussels have the awareness of cherishing their articles during the process of classifying the wastes and recycling the recyclable materials, like waste plastic. They are good examples of saving nature resources and protecting the environment.