Greenmax styrofoam densifiers turn waste into treasure

Styrofoam is probably well known as EPS.Now it also can be called airpop sometimes.styrofoam is widely used for package and insulation material in transportation.

Styrofoam is not biodegradable.It will stay there for hundreds of years when it is taken to landfill.However,densified waste styrofoam is able to sold for recycling and brings an income.

Densified styrofoam is more convenient to deal with.Styrofoam can be densified at a high ratio of 90:1 by styrofoam recycling machine. Before densified 90 trucks are needed to take waste styrofoam to landfill,noly one truck is needed at present. The densified styrofoam block can be put on a pallet and sold for recycling.


Greenmax styrofoam densifiers are ease to operate. Greenmax has excellent after-serve beacause technique engineers team offer technical support to customers of Greenmax at first time all over the world.Greenmax buys densified styrofoam block back.

If you has large amounts of waste styrofoam to deal with. Maybe you can consider owning a styrofoam densifier machine.It's wise to turn waste into treasure.