Greenmax Machine Specializes In Film Recycling

Film, the main component of Film is polyethylene (PE). The PE film has many effect such as increased temperature, soil moisture protection, promote seed germination growth. At present, in China, plastic film covered more than 200 million acres, the use amount is more than 1 million tons per year. And the use of film is in the increase in recent years, as the impact of cold, drought and other uncertain factors.

farm film

However, the service life of the film is only once, mostly abandoned in the field after damage, whether buried or burned, pollution of the environment is beyond doubt. So these PE/PP film recycling is particularly important!

First, the value of waste plastic film recycling

1 The recycling process of collected film:

The plastic film drying - pulverized - rinsing - drying - extruding - cut material

Film can be processed into raw materials of other plastic products, can meet a variety of process requirements

2 The recycled plastic film can derive gasoline, diesel and other available fuel and does not contain lead, ammonia and other harmful substances

3 The recycled plastic film, which recycled products are widely used in construction, telecommunications, electricity, heating, water, gas, fire, chemical and other fields.

agricutural plastic film

Second, classification and characterization of waste plastic film recycling

Former arable plastic sheeting of land surface, the film retained for a long time, with the impact of artificial, mechanical work, plastic sheeting has been damaged, low tensile strength, while a large number of branches and leaves, stalks and stubble and other debris mixed with plastic film, so we have difficulty in recycling. At that time, we need to use strong impurity equipment, and with labor.

Plastic sheeting of seedling surface, is mainly used in the more affluent water Irrigation , which must be ready early such as planting and weeding, fertilizing, the method need high performance requirements for film equipment.

Plastic sheeting of plow layer, separated waste plastic sheeting that mixed in the soil in topsoil or soil plowing job transfer process, current work is picking up the plastic sheeting in topsoil surface layer, but for mixed plastic sheeting in the soil layer , we have no effective cleaning method.

Third, the waste plastic PE film recycling machine

Greenmax POSEIDON Machine features:

recycled film

1, Can effectively clean up film

2, have a separate function from the stubble

3, you can play stubble and pick up film at once;

4, low cost and high efficiency.

5, grinding energy consumption

6, the rear sprocket rake plastic film recovery can be lifted into a piece of plastic film from top to bottom, plastic film crushing, less impurities;

7, large capacity removable plastic film box can reduce the number of film and improve efficiency.