Greenmax Foam Crusher and Beads Crusher for Waste Plastic Foam

In the past, Greenmax recycling machines have been produced for different types of materials, such as EPS foam, EPE foam, PSP foam and so on. And Greenmax machines have different types of machines applied in different plastic foams.

Also, Greenmax machines, mainly including cold compactor, hot melt machines. We have find that the demand for EPS foam compactor is large in European countries and different countries have different demands. In the United States, people pay much more attention to Styrofoam recycling machines, including EPS compactor and PE foam hot melt machines.

Also, some other plastics can be handled by Greenmax machines-dewatering machines. And we have sold our machines to Pepsi and Nestles Company. Dewatering machines have get rid of their big headaches. Their outdate beverages bottles could be reused and much costs will be saved.

But Greenmax never stop and we are not only satisfied with current condition, and pursuing better and better is our goal. Then, we have produced some new plastic foam recycling machines. But the machines are different from other Greenmax machines as they are crushers, and they could crush waste plastic foam or scraps into pieces. Greenmax crusher have two types, including Greenmax Foam Crusher and EPS Foam Grinder. So with the two kind of machines, big size and large scale waste plastic foam could be smashed into small granules as much as possible.