GreenMax’s Working Process of Recycling Plastics

GreenMax Compressor now has four series of machines: APOLO, POSEIDON, ZEUS and Mars. Different series has special devices for different materials they matched for. This news reports the working process of how GreenMax recycles the plastic waste.

Take the Mars Series for example, which are designed for hot melting EPS, XPS, PSP, EPE and EPP. During this test of Mars C200, we use EPS waste. First, the machine should be preheated for a while and after that, EPS waste can be throw into the shattering bin through the transmission of the conveyer band, which can save the manpower. When the EPS waste falls in, cutter blade in the shattering bin, also can be called the pre-crusher, sheds the plastic foam into 20-50 mm size small pieces quickly and fiercely. And then the shattered foams are pushed by the screw into the hot melting case, where the temperature can reaches 185℃ and the foam can be melted efficiently. Compared to the EPS waste before thrown into the machine, the melted one has another form, changing from the solid state into thick semifluid and flowing out from the hole of the hot melting case. High purity of the EPS waste and a suitable reduction of the temperature can make the melted material much whiter. Piles of the melted EPS cool down gradually in the air and become very rigid.


Above is the process of Mars Series. Although other series have differences, they are common in most aspects and share the same working principle, which is aim to reduce the plastic waste’s volume and save the transport cost.

APOLO Series can be used to deal with EPS, XPS, PSP and Contaminated EPS. Compared with Mars, APOLO are cold compactors, without the hot melting devices, and compress the shredded materials with the pressure caused by the screw.

ZEUS Series is applicable for materials like EPE, EPP, EPS, PSP and XPS. The difference between MARS and ZEUS is that the former melt all the shattered materials while the latter only melt the surface part of them.


POSEIDON Series are designed for dewatering and compacting the Beverage Packagings, such as PET Bottles, Aluminum Cans, PE/PP Film, Beverage Cartons and Yogurt Cups. There is no blade in the bin so the packagings are directly pushed by the screw after thrown in, and then the water or other liquids can be squeezed out of the packagings.


The processes of the GreenMax machines are quite close to each other and easy to understand. Although the machines are created for various kinds of waste materials, they contribute for the same target—recycling the plastic waste and protecting the environment.