GreenMax in Poland—Attending POLEKO 2014

After participating in RWM in September, GreenMax of INTCO Recycling was occupied in the preparation of POLEKO, a famous exhibition in Poland and Eastern Europe, which focuses on environmental protection. It has been held in Poznan during Oct. 14th to 17th.


This international trade fair is in leading status in Europe. It is not only committed to promoting environmental products and ecological solutions, but also serves as a platform for sharing environmental protection knowledge and experience.


GreenMax has many agencies around the world, including Poland. Our agencies can help us as a communication bridge between our sales group and our customers in these foreign countries. Especially in some countries whose first language is not English, the kind local agencies can help us a lot.


In the exhibition of POLEKO, many visitors speak Polish. Thanks to our Poland agents, the visitors were able to understand us and our EPS Recycling industrial train much more conveniently and accurately.


What’s more, GreenMax itself has attractive advantages in the plastic recycling machine market. Our machines competitive prices and high qualities are the shinning points that attract great flows of visitors. And this alive scene occurred not only in POLEKO, but also other exhibitions.



Our complete EPS Recycling solution provide environmental friendly industrial services. We manufacture and sell EPS Compactors for the original purpose of providing professional EPS Recycling machines, which should be better than the existed ones, so that we can have more suppliers of waste EPS materials.

Many Poland and Europe visitors came to our boost and asked details about our EPS recycling machines. Actually, apart from EPS Compactors, we now also have other products, like EPS/Styrofoam Densifiers. Classified in series, there are APOLO, ZEUS, POSEIDON and MARS. All of these are plastic recycling machines, with a good aim to reduce the white pollution caused by the waste plastic and protect the environment.


POLEKO has just been successfully finished, and we hope more and more individuals, enterprises or institutions who care about the environmental protection can join our plastic recycling business and make contributions to beautify our planet.