Green Plastic Package Industry Is Constantly Growing

Environmental problem is one of the most severe challenges China faces in the 21 century. Environmental protection is a guarantee for economy increase steadily in a long term. Besides, with people‚Äôs awareness of environmental protection raising, environmentally friendly package is more popular among consumers.  Green package thus comes into being.


Green package is a new concept develops from traditional package, it is a package which is ecologically and environmentally friendly, renewable, and sustainable. Green package is a necessary choice to solve the environmental pollution and is the future package industry developing trend. Green package requires not only sanitation, environmental protection as well as the fundamental functions and properties of package.

As global economic crisis strike, global manufactures developing speed slows to some degree. However, as international package industry implements the policies of transnational cooperation, making global package industry gains new development opportunity, package products increase steadily, new package materials, new technology and new products emerges constantly. Plastic package still keeps a relatively high growth rate.

There are two aspects in green package. First, protect the environment; second, conserve resource. These two concepts are tightly related.

What's more, plastic package is now developing to recyling and reusing direction. Recycling waste plastic industry is developing fast and government issues supporting policies to help waste recycling companies.