GREENMAX Recycling Machine Has Professional Manufacturing Teams

GREENMAX recycling machine, has a professional design and manufacturing teams, GREENMAX machine originally designed only for styrofoam compression, but through eight years of accumulation and innovation, the brand currently has four broad categories of recycling machinery equipment, including P series wring machine, A series compress machine, Z series and M series compressor hot melt and surface melt machine, not only can handle the EPS, can also handle XPS, PSP, EPE and other materials. In addition, since its inception until now, greenmax machine has made a number of qualifications, quality and internationally recognized brands were approved.
waste plastic foam

GREENMAX machinery has many customers across five continents, especially loved by the United States and European countries, Canada and the United States is more than media coverage. Now largely successful reference of the mechanical operation can be found in different parts in the United States and Europe.

GREENMAX participated in the annual number of internationally recognized professional environment exhibition, learn the advantages of peer, refined the products, and tried our best to become a world-class recycling equipment.

Machine sales is not our core business, our main business is to purchase a sufficient number of EPS, for the production of frames, we have to ensure a stable supply sources, we must ensure that our high quality recycling equipment. Because the requirements of our large customers such as foreign Target, Michaels and other supply chain are very stringent
I believe you will be very concerned about the price and sales. First glad that you've come to the customer, Intco is currently the world's largest recycling terminals and a long-term cooperation, will provide the most reliable protection for your scrap sales. Secondly, eps price often depends on the color of the waste, whiter the color is, the more expensive price is. Then how to maximize the white color of the waste? Intco GREENMAX machine will help you solve problems, to maximize the value of recycling.

3-layer temperature, ceramic heating, from shredding to melting, each step in the GREENMAX machine running, maximized the realization value of the resources. Moreover, GREENMAX mechanical high capacity is enough for you to wonder, can be refined to produce per hour, sustained stable production and high density, not only lobbied for a cabinet in a short time, and increased the average weight per container will also bring you a pleasant surprise. GREENMAX machine not only can save you labor costs, transportation costs, fully intelligent high-yield, also bring your waste reap maximum profits.

The new Styrofoam densifier:
1. Screw the hot melt material technology enables continuous output, with high strength, high safety and low energy utility
2. The well-known brand components such as Siemens, Phoenix, Schneider, NSK, etc.
3. The safety switch automatically to ensure the safety and efficiency of operation.
4. CE, UL, CSA standards.
5. Screw melt to achieve 90: 1 and can melt the frit than high density 40-foot container loaded cabinet to 25 tons or more and save shipping cost.