GREENMAX Is The Leading EPS Recycling Solutions Provider

INTCO GREENMAX is the world's leading EPS foam waste recycling solutions provider. Over the past 10 years, GREENMAX are committed to the efficient recycling EPS foam waste, high-quality regeneration, environmental protection and is applied to PS frame strips, green frame, baseboard, outdoor floor and other indoor decoration materials field. In the process of recycling EPS, we found customers really need high-quality low-input EPS compression equipment to support, so in order to allow more customers to join EPS waste recycling, GREENMAX company produces polystyrene recycling equipment, in order to achieve EPS earnings with a small investment.
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Since entering the Chinese market, INTCO GREENMAX has been committed to promoting green environmental protection and healthy living ideas, processing and utilization of renewable PS plastic, and uses advanced environmental regeneration technology and equipment to produce renewable PS plastic imitation wood moldings. Its business philosophy is to reduce white pollution and promote recycling and the recycling economy integrated business model has been recognized and praised by all levels of government and associations.
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INTCO GREENMAX is dedicated EPS recycling, but also to meet your other needs, GREENMAX machinery can also recycled XPS, PSP, EPP, PE plastic sheeting, yogurt bottles, Coke bottles, jugs shampoo, etc., If you want to recycle waste , GREENMAX machine will create the most suitable solution for your heart and soul, and make you most satisfied with the machine.
greenmax eps recycling machine

GREENMAX recycled EPS waste for more than 100 PS frame extrusion production lines 4 based factories, finished frame assembly line is more than 40, annual output PS frame extrusion is 1 million boxes, the annual export and domestic frame products is about 8,000 containers, sold to about 90 countries and regions throughout the world.

GREENMAX 's contribution to the world environment:
First, solve the white pollution - solve waste foam packaging materials recycling and reuse issues;
Second, the use of recycled materials can completely replace the traditional wood, reducing deforestation resources.

GREENMAX makes their unremitting efforts to practice environmental responsibility, but also make the Earth achieve green trees and green homes! GREENMAX, make home more environmentally friendly!