GREENMAX Improved APOLO SERIES With Stainless Steel Marine Standard

Good News!!! INTCO Greenmax Recycling designed a new series of EPS compactor machine and improved GREENMAX APOLO SERIES with stainless steel Marine Standard machine parts. One of the great features is several drainage holes at the bottom the screw bin to discharge the water come out during screw compacting. INTCO is an styrofoam Recycling Specialist, providing total Solution to Polystyrene fish box recycling.
A-C100 compactor

INTCO manufactures and sells GREENMAX™ Compactor (Densifiers), purchases back compressed EPS fish box Scraps, and reuses them to make frame products and recycled PS pellets.
A-C200 new

GREENMAX™ Compactor (Densifiers) is designed for crushing and compacting waste EPS fish box, which can efficiently realize the goal of volume reduction at the ratio of 50:1.Comparing with EPS such as fish box, compacted EPS blocks can save nearly 50 times of storage and transportation space.

The features of GREENMAX APOLO SERIES are as follows:

Screw Compression Technology
Screw cold compression machine, without any heating devices, is able to efficiently compact EPS in any humidity environment.
A-SILO new

Marine Standard

GREENMAX™ designs stainless steel Marine Standard machine parts for EPS fish box. Since fish box contains much more water than common EPS foam, normal machine parts would get rusty, while stainless steel parts can prevent the machine from rusting.

Drainage holes

GREENMAX™ designed several drainage holes at the bottom the screw bin to discharge the water come out during screw compacting, which could help forming the block and also reduce the moisture content.

High-quality Components
Equipped with reputable SIEMENS, PHOENIX, SCHNEIDER, NSK components, GREENMAX™ ensures great safety, reliability and durability. SIEMENS control system makes machine operation much easier and simpler.