Four Kinds of PET Recycling Technology

At present,the environmental protection consciousness enjoys popular support, the recycling and utilization of renewable resources is an important choice for the development of circular economy. The waste PET beverage bottles are again recycled and made full use, can reduce the environmental pollution, and PET bottles are turned waste into treasure. Therefore, the PET recycling technology has a very broad prospects for development. PET several recycling methods, please come and see!

Physical recycling methods, the most easy way to implement PET bottle material.

PET bottle material of the physical recycling method has two kinds: one is the waste PET polyester chopped into flakes, first of all from the HDPE PET, aluminum, paper and adhesive and other impurities, and then scrap PET pieces of washing, drying, granulation. Another method is to separate the impurities in the waste PET polyester by mechanical method, and then wash, break and granulation. This is the most easy way to implement physical recovery method.

One of the major problems in PET bottle recycling is to remove impurities. When cleaning ,we should avoid using alkaline cleaning agent to prevent accelerated PET hydrolysis.

In recent years, PET bottle recycling and application of equipment has been greatly developed, such as water separator / hydrocyclone separation technology. This separation principle of recovery technology is based on the labels, plastic, HDPE, aluminum and other bottles of various components in the proportion of different, the air separator, aqueous detergent, water floating device / hydraulic cyclone, electrostatic separator separation, resulting in pure PET.

Process flow is as follows:

Physical properties and purity of the recovered material, mechanical recycling of PET bottle material purity is high, but there is still a certain amount of impurities such as aluminum, adhesive and so on. For example a bottle for pet, a bottle cap for HDPE bottles, after mechanical recycling pure PET content up to 99.9%, HDPE, aluminum and cement content can be were reduced to 0.03%, 0.01% and 0.06%.

PET Bottle physical recycling method.

GreenMax Poseidon Series can reduce the volume of  waste up to 50:1. So the scattered and big size material can be compressed into tight block. Then the lightweight and scattered  will be easily transported.

The solid phase of PET bottles has innovation method.

In the recycling process of PET, a big problem is that the PET is easy to be degraded under high temperature, which leads to a sharp decline in molecular weight, which will greatly decrease the viscosity of PET. The blending of traditional polymer and inorganic filler is usually used to melt extrusion of the polymer in the melt.Viscosify method can improve the performance of particle PET bolttles chain extender.

The cyclic utilization of PET, the characteristic viscosity of PET is the key. At present, the methods of improving the properties of PET products are mainly chemical recovery method, physical recovery method, PET alloy method and reactive extrusion expanding chain method.

In the first three methods, there are some disadvantages, such as complex process, high equipment requirement, long time consuming, high cost, and still have some disadvantages in the process of recycling. The compression machine recycling bottle method has the advantages of simple operation, short cycle, high economic efficiency, can significantly improve the performance of PET recovery products.