Europe Recycled and Regenerated Huge Amount of PET Bottles Last Year

An association of the plastic industry located in Brussels, Belgium named Petcore Europe, is a non-profitable organization. It claimed that PET is a kind of plastic material which has the largest amount of regeneration in Europe.

The association mentioned above published the latest statistic of the amount of regenerated PET bottles in Europe in 2013—1,640,000 tons, the equivalent of 6,500 billion PET bottles, which has increased by 7% compared with that of 2012.


The president of Petcore Europe said that the market’s demand for PET has been increasing all the time and PET resin’s great capacity of regeneration has also helped a lot to make itself the preferred material for packaging.

He also said that last year Europe has recycled about 56% of the total amount of PET bottles people have used, which is a comparatively high rate of plastic bottle recycling.


However, there are large gaps between the recycling rates of different countries. For example, Germany and Spain recycle more waste plastics and use more regenerated plastic products than others.

All member nations related to the same beneficial goal are suggested by the president of Petcore Europe to work together to coordinate the plastic recycling process, with the aim to reach the higher target of recycling and regenerating claimed by the European Commission.


The pan to perfect and regulate the recycling and classifying process would be helpful to a further improvement of PET bottles’ recycling and regenerating rate. And as for how to regenerate the PET bottles, there are professional compacting machines that can dewater and compact them, which can process the PET bottles into much smaller sizes and moved to the next procedure.