Emergence of GREENMAX

White pollution has long being a serious problem, in China especially these days when our economy develops rapidly. There are three problems relevant to white pollution. First, when waste plastic, expandable polyethylene, polystyrene paper are mixed with earth, the quality of earth would be greatly influenced. What’s worse, plants roots are ruined, which prevents crops from growth. Second, waste EPS are thrown in the sea , fishes might swallow them by mistake,resulting in death. Third, waste EPS is very difficult to deal with, it takes a long time to break down when bury in earth and toxic gas comes into being if it is burnt.

Concerning these problems, the best way to deal with waste EPS is to reuse it. In this way, not only can we protect the environment but also we save sources and make profits. Just at this moment, GREENMAX emerged in the market.

GREENMAX were designed for ESP compacting only at the beginning, later they are improved to process most PS foams including XPS/PSP. We firstly compact waste EPS into EPS blocks and then turn them into PS pellets so that they can be used to make beautiful frame products. This EPS recycling method has won wide recognition and has been applied worldwide.
Industries like beverage, fish, EPS show great enthusiasm for this machine, because they produce considerable waste EPS everyday but have no proper way to deal with. GREENMAX offers total solution to ESP recycling, which perfectly meet the needs of EPS products producers. GREENMAX has stepped in more than 50 countries and region and its market is enlarging rapidly.