Efforts for Waste Recycling and Care about Ocean

Mexican plastics industry is strive to reduce plastic waste into ocean from every beach in the country thorough the project “I care about my ocean”.
During the 2014 Easter holidays, the pilot project have been carried out, which have achieved a very positive effect. Mexico’s National Plastics Industry Association Anipac announced plans this year to extend the project during April 1.

A number of large containers were placed on the beach, so that visitors can distinguish different types of garbage.
In addition, volunteers will distribute 12,000 units of plastic bags, plastic bags printed with instructions. Restaurants and hotel lobbies also posted a lot of posters and banners to support this project. This project have reduced a half tons of waste reduction.
Recently, we have heard a lot news about marine pollution. So it necessary to handle waste plastic materials as soon as possible.

With the development of society technology, some recycling machines have been produced to handle waste plastics, such as plastic bottles, EPS foam and PE foam, plastic bags and packaging materials. All these materials have pollution on the ocean if they are thrown out. Now we have machines which could compact waste plastic foam and can also melt waste plastic foam down to blocks. In addition, waste plastic bags and plastic bottles could be handled by dewatering machines.

Besides, we also have GM-crusher, such as EPS beads crusher. The machine could crush plastic foam into granules so that waste plastic foam recycling will be much better.
But the recycling machine also have disadvantages, so better function machines are in great need.