EPS Foam Is An Excellent Packaging Material

Polystyrene foam is a new type of Earthquake packaging materials, insulation materials. It is featured light weight, impact resistance, easy molding, beautiful shape, bright color, high efficiency and low price, widely used and so on.

foam box

Market expectation:
EPS foam is an excellent packaging material. For example, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, air conditioners, electronic instruments, precision instruments, glassware, ceramics, arts and crafts and other products, used EPS foam as a cushioning member packaging. EPS foam is a polystyrene resin-based material, blowing agent and other auxiliary materials, then heating and foaming, formed lightweight materials. It is featured by light weight, small thermal conductivity, low water absorption, water resistance, aging resistance, low temperature, easy processing, low cost high quality, etc., so that is widely used insulation material boxes in frozen seafood, fresh vegetables, incubators, cold storage, refrigerated trucks, buses and other railway. EPS packaging is easier to recycle and reuse as good packaging material.

EPS box
1. Foam boxes can be used in all the needs of cold storage transportation Products such as food, beverages, clean vegetables, seafood, dairy products, butter, chocolate, biologics, vaccines, chemicals and other raw materials.
fruit boxes
2. With the use of ice packs frozen refrigerated transport of various biological agents, Paste, avian medicine, medicine, blood plasma, vaccines, fish, poultry, ornamental fish and long-distance refrigerated transport of fresh food trade.
fish boxes
Advantages of foam box:
1 lightweight;
2, low cost;
3, more regular square foam boxes, when put up, more beautiful;
4, compared with the circular flower pot, can make full use of the balcony space;
5, easy to move.
vegetables boxes

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